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Polymer Corporation, Polymer Liquid Resin Casting or
Polymer Marine

180 Pleasant Street
Rockland, MA 02370
Telephone: 781-871-4606
Fax: 781-871-5460

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Polymer Injection Molding or Gun Valley Molders
One Third Street
Palmer, MA 01069
Telephone: 781-871-4606
Fax: 413-267-3658

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Product Design Files

Polymer can accept product design files generated with most standard software (e.g., SolidWorks, Pro/E, Autodesk, and SDRC). To verify that your specific files are acceptable and to obtain file transfer instructions, contact your sales engineer or Polymer Customer Service at 781-871-4606. We maintain an FTP site to facilitate large file transfers.


Urethane castings,Epoxy casting,Resin casting,Silicone castings,Silicone molding,Low volume production,Custom plastic parts,Silicone molds, Thermoset resins,Autoclavable material,Medical parts,Ultrasound probes,Clear plastic parts,Encapsulations,Medical encapsulations,Electronic encapsulations, Vaginal probe,MRI coil housings,Prototyping,Rapid prototyping,Phantoms,Semiconductor equipment,Test equipment,Medical instrumentation,Medical devices, Rebreather components,Safety equipment,Defense products,Elastomeric molding,Rapid tooling,Injection molding,Scientific instrumentation,Potting,Electrical connectors, Propellers,Surgical training aids,Medical models,Laser devices,Polyurethane,Aviation parts,Security products,Rubber molds,Embedded electronics,Plastic parts, Biocompatible materials,Pad printing,Silk Screening,Hot Stamping,Camo dipping,Bridge tooling,MUD tooling,Painting,Shielding,Laser etching,Machined plastic parts, Part Assembly,KANBAN,Overmolding,Insert molding,Gunstocks,Recoi pads,Aerospace,Military parts,ISO 9000:2008,Engineering grade resins,Asian tooling,Domestic tooling, Environmental housings,Industrial housings,Enclosures,ITAR,FFL