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Liquid Resin Casting...

Company: A leading manufacturer of biomedical testing instrument systems
Product: Specialty elutriation device for separating delicate biological materials utilizing centrifugation technology.
Cast Part: Custom chamber and cap with a 40ml capacity. Curved passageway cast in place to ensure minimal damage to biological components as they flow through the cell.
Material: Epoxy Novolac selected for its autoclavability, biocompatibility and chemical resistance.
Cast in Color: Clear with yellow transparent dye.
Cast Finish: High gloss.

Company: Manufacturer of MRI medical scanning equipment
Product: Quadrature head coil for upright MRI medical scanning system.
Cast Parts : 18 mating components.
Material: UL94-VO polyurethane selected for MRI transparency.
Color: Painted to customer specification.

Company: A leading worldwide supplier of diagnostic imaging systems
Product: Vaginal ultrasound probe.
Cast Part: One piece casting of complete probe housing with no parting lines. Complex internal passageway through part.
Material: Polyurethane, Shore D-85.
Cast in Color: Custom color match.
Cast Finish: Gloss.

Company: Provider of autonomous underwater vehicles
Product: Autonomous underwater vehicle designed by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution as a tool for environmental monitoring, mine countermeasures, and hydrographic surveys. Vehicle is 5-1/4 feet long and operates at depths up to 300 plus feet.
Cast Parts: System plastic parts including fins, delicate instrumentation encapsulations, and acoustic transducer towing device.
Material: Polyurethanes selected for marine environment and signal transparency.
Cast in Color: Colors matched to customer specifications.
Cast Finish: Smooth to minimize drag.