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Production Processes ...

Liquid Resin Casting

Liquid Resin Casting™ is perfect for low-volume ongoing production needs. Polymer's LRC process is fast, flexible, and ideal for parts with typical annual volumes of 50 to over 1,000. In design terms, anything goes. Complex shapes, bosses, threads, undercuts, varying wall thicknesses, minimal to no draft, delicate component encapsulations, multiple parts combined into one, overmolding, cast-in color and finish, tight tolerances, tiny parts and very large parts. Tooling costs are a fraction of those for injection molding. Polymer can produce LRC first articles in as little as 2 to 5 weeks. LRC also allows inexpensive tooling modifications, ideal for the "early years" of a product's life cycle and beyond. Polymer routinely produces parts as small as one cubic inch in size and as large as four feet by four feet. The LRC process is an attractive alternative for many parts traditionally made with RIM (reaction injection molding), structural foam, thermoforming, or pressure forming.

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LRC Process Description